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Track Name: Ode To Silence
Just an ode to silence
For those who've fallen out
Or out there swinging low
Just cuz we're here together
Making the best we can
Can't live your whole life in a day

If I sold the world
For a place beside you
Would I find the grace that you could stay?

You always talked bout
The lives we're destined to live
Soothsaying like you do
How could I believe
A sound I'd never heard
But shoulda been listening to

So why're you trying so hard
Flying high against the curve
See all the green lights turn to blue
Such a din my heart made
A timpani, a riot
As her green eyes turned to moons
Track Name: River Stone, My Winterlong (Sloan Demo)
will you ever learn to roll this way, will you ever learn how two will survive
will you ever turn from which way the bow breaks, dead or alive
can they tell the hour that your mind needs blowing
which door to you call down on mercy street
trolling darkness for silver linings, do you step to a beat
when your near I feel your feathers in the way the words
flow through this song, I like the way your love is my winterlong
this way the world spins on in black, if for a while you went away
if time makes us sweeter and smoother like river stone
then I want to stay
when you're hear I feel your feathers in the way the worlds flow thru this song I like the way your love is my winterlong.....
this way the world
bends on a curl
oh see how she twirls
curves like waves.....
Track Name: The Inverted Forest (Sloan Demo)
Lonely feather, sweet destiny
there's a river inside of me
an inverted forrest like the trees I see
down indian trails wild and free
when your reason starts to sound like treason
I''l take my knowledge from the trees then...

are we but stories swimming in a bowl
not the divers but the dying coral
if fools progress is the same tomorrow
I wana go back in time, I will not follow

to where the the mountains are but islands
our unquenchable thirst made the greatest flood
finally washes away all our blood
so turn it over, give back to love
Track Name: Hibernation (Sloan Demo)
tears blur in the Christmas lights
will you ever cease to mystify
standing in the road holding a sign
pray a few words could crystallize
but time won't wait until your ready
hibernate, let the soul rock you steady
to where I can't say
sail away and let tomorrow free
you're standing where the sea used to be
dear fur of the wolf and buffalo
steaming breath like a fumarole
staring at death in the heart of the sun
pray a few fools won't kill my love
Track Name: Sad Eyed Troubadour (Sloan demo)
I didn't hit me until I got to Caly and the rain turned to snow
wished I'd followed you thru the gates aboard that plane down to Mexico
I miss those nights at your kitchen table, after hitting all the bars
you played the sad eyed troubadour and there was sand in your guitar
it was a starry night when you had those crystal visions in the flames of the big beach fire
pain would become your companion and the gypsy your anodyne
you used to play all them seaside bars, up and down the Jersey shore
singing to the neon cowboys, playing the sad eyed troubadour
its 3am and your eyes are still glimmering, your crazy heart is still beating fast
scientists say in the police lights they're more concerned with what they call facts
acrossed books that lay scattered we trip into your bed
I know that together we won't wake up with the morning dread